Happenings at WildSide Custom Trailers & Conversions

June 19, 2020

Dale Eavenson and his team at WildSide Custom Trailers & Conversions in Blue Ridge, GA have just completed their first compact mobile medical unit! While regular projects at WildSide may consist of living quarters, motorhomes, or enclosed trailers, the team was able to add a new line of compact mobile units to suit the needs of the market. This unit will be used for COVID-19 testing in Volusia Count, FL. The medical units have the capacity to suit other medical related practices. The van includes a collapsible work/exam table, electrical outlets, hot water heater, and holding tanks, to name a few features. If you have any interest in learning more about mobile medical units or other customized options at WildSide, reach out to Dale Eavenson, owner, at lpdtrailers@yahoo.com or 706-632-3936.